School Curriculum

"Every child is a competent learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured."

In Shiksha Niketan we aim :

  • To Create a Connect between learners, spiritual, Ethical, Social, Cognitive, Mental and Physical growth and development.
  • To nurture individuality and thus enhance one’s innate potential.
  • To foster Constitutional literacy and tolerance for different-cultures.
  • To develop scientific outlook and transformative competences, in order to meet the demands of a changing society.

Pre-Primary: (Nursery, LKG, UKG)

Curriculum refers to all the subjects taught in a school and experiences gained by a child in a defined manner. In Pre-Nursery, the tiny kids get the first insight of a system. Children are provided with interesting age appropriate activities which enhance their development.

#  Personal, Social and Emotional development.
#  Communication, Language and Literary development
#  Physical development.
#  Creative development.
#  Understanding the world.
Learning goals to assess the areas of development with the help of subjects like English, Mathematics, EVS, Art & Craft, and Physical Education

Primary School Curriculum (I-V)

We, at ShikshaNiketan recognize that learning experiences at the primary level lay the foundation for the development of a child in all dimensions of his or her life- spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical. Strong emphasis is laid on developing the ability to question, to analyze, to investigate, to think critically, to solve problems, and to interact effectively with others.

Language is central in the learning process and hence the school follows the three language formula. Apart from English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Computer Science in (IV and V) children also study the second language–i.e., Hindi.

The curriculum also caters to the full and harmonious development of the child through various extra-curricular activities organized throughout the year – ranging from Cricket to Creative, Danceand Literary Club to Interact Club. The General Knowledge and Value Education classes contribute to personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world as a whole.


The middle school years are a significant time in the schooling as the educational expectations rise and children are transitioned to the next level in the academic ladder with greater focus on :-
  • Developing creative thinking and problem solving abilities.
  • Augmenting the spirit of enquiry, creativity and objectivity.
  • Developing and integrating the use of the four language skills-listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Instilling care and concern towards the environment.
  • Establishing the relevance of school work and its connection to the outside world.
  • Leading healthy lives/ adopting healthy lifestyle.
  • Developing a humane outlook with a tolerant attitude towards society and people Besides the core subjects of English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, II language, General Knowledge, Computer Science- the students also study another language-i.e., III Language Sanskrit from Class VI to Class VIII. Additionally, the students are also provided with ample opportunities for honing their social/ interpersonal skills through activities, workshops and team games. They are also encouraged to discover their passions, strengths, and challenges which will be further strengthened at the secondary stage.


Education at the secondary level at Shiksha Niketan is not only a significant period of growth for students but also a phase for preparation for the world which is challenging and complex and filled with exciting possibilities. Students are encouraged to become independent learners focusing on their course of study and the personal goals they wish to achieve. The school follows CBSE Curriculum that is connected to students’ interests, experiences, talents and the real world. The main subjects that they study include first and second languages, General Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Art, and Computer Education. English continues to be the First language.

Language Options:-
  • I Language – Compulsory English
  • II Language – Hindi
Throughout the secondary school, the instruction and practice go hand in hand. The teachers use flexible methods to teach and inspire students to become more resourceful so that they continue to learn outside the syllabus.All scholastic and co-scholastic activities are carefully planned to ensure that students achieve proficiency not only in academics but also possess the necessary skill sets to become responsible, and contributing members of the society. The school recognizes the critical need for developing 21st century skills.
  • Proficiency in written and oral communication.
  • Proficiency in arithmetical computation.
  • Development of scientific temperament.


The course of studies are based on CBSE guidelines, At the +2 level, students have the option of two streams viz. Science (both PCM & PCB) and Commerce.

Various combinations of subjects are offered so that students can pursue their desired course. Equal importance and assistance is given to prepare students for the prescribed CBSE syllabus as well as preparing students for various competitive exams.Education imparted at Shiksha Niketan integrates information teaching and nurturing creative and independent thinking. The teaching methodology is learner centered, nurturing academic excellence and Multi – Intelligence. Teaching method includes explaining, demonstrating, collaborating which establish a personal connection between the student and the topic of study, through group projects and discussions. This inculcates and enhances team work, leadership skills and presentation abilities.

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